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Quality Environment


We respect the environments we work in and take every precaution to minimise our impact on them. We make high-quality furniture at reasonable prices - but not at the cost of our planet, or the people who work hard to make the products for us. That’s why we take the environments we work in and our people’s health and safety very seriously. Our specially-trained Quality Guardians make sure of it. They regularly visit our suppliers across the globe to check the quality of the materials and where they're being sourced from.

Order from and you can be sure that:

1- We keep transportation emissions to a minimum by designing many of our products to be transported efficiently, this allows us to minimise our carbon footprint.
2- All our manufacturers provide a healthy working environment for their staff and meet our high safety standards.
3- All our wood is responsibly sourced. We never use illegally-felled wood or wood from endangered species of trees.
4- We reduce wastage as well as costs by ordering large quantities of products at a time.

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